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Gillians Riding School

We had a soggy start to the day, with the showjumping starting in the rain. as the day went on the weather did improve and we finished the day dry! there was a fantastic atmosphere at the show and we were very impressed with every one supporting each other even if they were hiding under ponies rugs! Well done to you all :o)


Show Jumping
1st McNamara - Dandy
2nd Harrison Dickens - Orion
3rd Ben Wall - Chester
4th Mimi Joan Hall - Polly


Grace Coppolla - Savannah

1st Dalya Shaww - Duchess
2nd Grace Coppolla - Athos
3rd Megan Franklin - Daisy
4th Holly Smith - Oliver Twist

1st Dalya Shaww- Savannah
2nd Holly Smith - Oliver Twist
3rd Gracie Bates - Sunny

Intro B
1st Liz Ladbury - Benson
2nd Sarah Topal - Travis
3rd Hannah Draper - Duchess
4th Ben Wall - Chester
5th Megan Wick - Missie
6th Olivia Head - Beano
7th Mimi Joan Hall - Polly

Prelim 2
1st Evie Rogers - George
2nd Grace Coppolla - Savannah
3rd Rebecca Cooper - Patchy
4th Katie Creaghan - Eclipse
5th Liz Ladbury - Benson
6th Sarah Topal - Travis
7th Dalya Shaw - Taylor
8th Hannah Draper - Duchess
9th Eleanor Doyle - Athos