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Gillians Riding School

We had a fun packed holiday full of busy clubs and own a pony days.
to finish off the week we held a show day. The events included a freestyle dressage, Tack and Turn out, In hand trot up and a Jumping round.

the results of the classes were as follows:

Class 1 - Intro Freestyle and 15-30cm Jumping
1st Hannah Draper - Maggie
2nd Harrison Dickens - Orion
3rd Megan Wick - Beano
4th Sidney Lee - Tinkerbelle
5th Tallia Scott - George
6th Lola Margolis - Taylor
7th Jaydee Neal - Billy
8th Ben Wall - Crystal

Class 2 - Prelim Dressage and 30cm - 60cm Jumping
1st Stella Abeya - Ringo
2nd Ella Andrea - Missy
3rd Hannah Doe - Duchess
4th Katie Creagan - Eclipse
5th Megan Franklin - Daisy
6th Tori Partridge - Tinkerbelle

Well done to everyone who took part now its time to get practicing and start looking forwards to Easter for more Jumping and Dressage!